Beer Tasting Box 


Available through Systembolagets Privatimport

Estimated price: 477 SEK (Outside of Stockholm centre shipping may be added)

The tasting box contains 9 beers. One bottle/can of each of the following.

Master Gao:

Jasmine Tea Lager 4,8%, 500ml

Osmanthus Pale Ale 5,0%, 500ml
Chinese Puffed Rice IPA 7,4%, 330ml

Shangrila Beer:

Tibetan Pale Ale 5,4%, 330ml

Soyala 3,0%, 330ml

Fat Dolma 8,2%, 330ml 

Son Gha 5,2%, 330ml

Super Nova 7,1%, 330ml

Black Yak 5,4%, 330ml

How to order:

1) Create account on

2) Click the link below to reach Privatimport  :

3) Choose store for pick up then click continue.

4) Click "Svensk säljare" and type "Ludvig Sääf", then click continue.

5) Click "Lägg till dryck".

6) Type in following info:

Dryckens namn: Kinaöl blandlåda

Typ av dryck: Öl

Förpackning: Blandlåda

Volym: 3310 ml

Antal: 1 (1 means one full box of 9 beers)

Then click continue

7) Click "Spara och fortsätt"

8) Dubble check the info and press "Skicka in förfrågan"

9) After a day or so Systembolaget will send you a mail and you confirm the order and price by replying

10) Then wait to be notified the tasting box has been delivered to your Systembolaget store of choice!