Lu Spirits imports wine from two sister wineries on China's blossoming wine scene:

Domaine Franco Chinois and Canaan Winery.

Domaine Franco Chinoise (DFC) started from a collaboration between the French and the Chinese government, initiated in 1997 by China's Premier Mr Wen Jiabao and the French president Jacques Chirac. It is the first estate winery in China, with a location chosen by a team of French wine-makers. 16 varietals of grapes were then brought from France, The French wine-making team stayed until 2007 and according to the initital agreement, the wineyard was put on sale the same year.

The second winery, Canaan Winery, started when a Taiwanese entrepreneur, Cher Wang, invited a expert group of 16 people to consult her personal winery project. She set her aim to produce the best wines in China, and to lift Chinese wines to an  international level. After three years travelling the entire north China, plus comprehensive research (soil analysis, climate study etc), in 2009, they cocluded chosen Huailai to be the ultimate place in China to start a winery. As it happened, the location was right next to DFC. Cher Wang then acquired DFC in 2010.